Adventures of Piglet and Hedgehog Provoke Death Threats

February 13, 2014

You wouldn’t have thought that publishing a children’s book would result in getting death threats. But it does in Poland. Andrzej Dominiczak, our CFI man in Poland, runs a publishing arm which specializes in humanist and atheist thought for the Polish market. Dominiczak has run into trouble from hardliners before, even from within the non-religious community.

The death threats are in response to a children’s book, originally from Germany, and written from an explicitly atheist standpoint. The story, co-authored by Michael Schmidt-Salomon and Helge Nyncke, is called Piglet and Young Hedgehog’s Search for God and what Followed. In the story Piglet and Hedgehog come across a Jew, a Catholic and a Muslim (who looks more like a Hindu), who all fulminate in their respective ways and end up fighting each other. Piglet and Hedgehog are scared half to death by the whole experience. They end up making paper darts out of the various scriptures they were given.

But it’s probably the last page of the story that most offended the pious. Here the Jew, Catholic and Muslim are naked, surrounded by 23 other stark naked people, men and women, young and old, gay and straight. Only the three religionists seem embarrassed by their state. To his credit, Dominiczak is ignoring the death threats. He is not necessarily endorsing the book, but he refuses to be cowed by threats from publishing it. We wish him well.