Bloody Thursday? Tehran 11 February.

February 9, 2010

Bloody Thursday?
The Iranian opposition, the Green Wave, and the government of Khamenei are preparing for a confrontation on Thursday 11 February, a confrontation that could turn very violent indeed. The Greens are hoping to mobilise three million defiant and courageous people demanding freedom and justice, while the regime is plannning to put 300 000 Revolutionary Guards and the thuggish Basij on the streets of Tehran aiming to intimidate and deter, and inflict pain and worse if necessary.

Green leader Mir Hossein Mousavi gave a uncompromising interview, in effect defying the regime to move against him, something that Khamenei has not dared to do. If he were to strike at the leaders of the Greens, both Mousavi and Karroubi, this could lead to a showdown, again something that Khamenei is clearly afraid of. The key to any real chance of the regime crumbling is the attitude of the armed forces, and here the Greens seem to be having some success after a moving video appeal specifically aimed at the armed forces asking them to join them.

What can be done? Homa Arjomand is organizing a campaign to shut down Iranian embassies in the West, and we should support her efforts. Here is her open letter to the Prime Minister of Canada:
"The international mood has turned against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Now it is time for Prime Minister Stephen Harper and all members of the Canadian parliament do the same and support the people of Iran instead of the Iranian government. Recent reports being circulated in Iran indicate that the Iranian people are preparing a display of strength on February 11, which is 31st anniversary of the Iranian revolution. Desperate people, despite the regime's constant threats, recent mass arrests, torture, rape and executions, are organizing to purge themselves of the entire regime of Iran.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran is comparable with the apartheid regime of South Africa. As the regime in South Africa was then, the entire system of Islamic Republic of Iran remains one of the most inhuman and unjust regimes in 21 centuries. The law of Sharia ruthlessly enforces the comprehensive policy of gender apartheid and a misogynist state. There has not been a day without violations against a number of protesting groups such as teachers, workers, students, writers, journalists and bloggers. The number of people being executed and tortured in prisons increases day by day.

"People of Iran have been standing firm against the entire regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran, be it so called reformist or hard liner. They are suffocating and want to end the state of these serial killers.The people of Iran and all globally concerned citizens want to put these murderers and all those who have helped this regime on trial in an international court.

"The International Campaign to Closedown Iranian Embassies expects the Prime Minister, and the members of parliament to side with the people of Iran and make its voice heard against this regime in all international forums and furthermore, to break all its diplomatic relations with the Iranian Regime. We also expect the Prime Minister and the members of Parliament to not only close down the Iranian embassy in Canada but also to put forward a resolution to the United Nations with respect to this demand. Closing down the embassies of Islamic Republic of Iran will be the beginning of the end of this heinous state and its crimes against the people of Iran. It is also a big step to prevent this regime sustaining terrorism worldwide. We are all aware that the embassies of the Islamic Republic of Iran are the logistic headquarters for organizing terrorist activities.

"Much evidence and documents have come to light showing embezzlement of money belonging to the people of Iran by the regime leaders. These leaders pocketed huge amounts of funds into their personal bank accounts in Europe, Canada and other Western countries. The International Campaign to closedown Iranian Embassies look forward to the Canadian government freezing all these bank accounts and expects that all information of these existing accounts be made public. Sincerely, Homa Arjomand,Coordinator of the International Campaign to Closedown Iranian Embassies.";


#1 CybrgnX (Guest) on Tuesday February 09, 2010 at 1:21pm

Why are they bothering?  It is a waste of time, effort, and possibly lives. They are all still islamic and will just put another islamic in charge who will eventually if not immediately start the same schite all over.
The ONLY way to get rid of a religious evil theocracy is when the religious remember how it got there.  they want it they got it.  If they are doing this protest as a first step to a secular government ruled by LAW (& not the religious law)then it may be worth it.
But all they are going to get is more of the same.

#2 JohnnyCrash on Thursday February 11, 2010 at 1:44pm

I share your cynicism CybrgnX.

At the same time innocent people in the middle will get hurt.

Even if people install more of the same and end up reusing the same oppressive laws based on belief in Muhammad’s flying, heaven traveling horse or his 9 year old wife… people shouldn’t support such governments and the embassies should be closed.

Maybe one day education can reduce belief in the absurd and allow for a slight increase in elbow room for women and secularists… until then, maybe political pressure can help ease a small bit of strife.

Today is the 11th… we’ll see how things go.

Thanks for the article Ibn Warraq.

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