HuffPost Live Discusses CFI’s New Report on Fundamentalism in the Military

March 6, 2013

CFI just released an important new position paper on the rise of fundamentalist Christianity in the U.S. military, written by Jim Parco, a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel and former member of the NSC under President Clinton. It's fascinating and disturbing, and already has a lot of people talking.

I wanted to direct your attention to a Huffpost Live segment that aired yesterday about this issue, that features Parco himself, as well as MRFF's Mikey Weinstein, and Blake Page, the former West Point cadet who famously left the armed forces because of their treatment of nonbelievers and promotion of religion. HuffPo's Josh Zepps does a fantastic job of moderating this conversation, and everyone on the panel brings a wealth of great information and perspective to the topic. I suggest you check it out, and share it.