Mohammed Was Not a Divinely Inspired Prophet and There Is No Allah

February 9, 2012

I know for many who read this blog, this assertion is hardly startling, but it is blasphemous, at least from an Islamic perspective. In fact, it’s probably the simplest, most direct blasphemous utterance one can make regarding Islam since it denies the central tenet of that faith. I thought today would be an especially appropriate day to make this assertion in light of the troubles encountered by the journalist Hamza Kashgari in Saudi Arabia.

It appears that Kashgari has had to flee his country after Kashgari mused in a series of tweets about what his interaction with Mohammed would be were he to meet Mohammed “man-to-man.” These tweets emphasizing the human nature of Mohammed were too much for many of the faithful. They responded with tweets of their own—over 30,000— almost all of them harshly critical of Kashgari and many calling for his death.

Fortunately, in much of the West, one can deny the truth of the claims made by various religions without too many repercussions—although that may depend on the setting. But we shouldn’t take this right for granted. There are those who want to muzzle free expression to avoid “offense” against those with religious sensibilities. Indeed, the organization One Law for All is holding a rally in London on February 11 to protest recent efforts to suppress criticism of religion.

But, of course, it’s in the countries outside of Europe and North America, in particular, the Islamic world, where the greatest threats to free expression can be found. The most innocent comments about Mohammed can result in severe punishment, either through official sanctions or mob action.

We need to continue to protest this unacceptable suppression of the fundamental rights of freedom of conscience and freedom of expression. And today I can’t think of a better way to do it then to state clearly and unambiguously that Islam is based on false beliefs. Spread the word: Mohammed was not a divinely inspired prophet and there is no Allah.