NRA: Answer or Problem?

January 7, 2013

Regarding the recent mass shooting at a Connecticut school, the NRA, at its press conference of December 21, 2012, equated problem mental states with such shootings involving assault-style weapons. Indeed, NRA head Wayne La Pierre brought his own problem mental states to the issue by suggesting that the solution was to place armed guards at all schools. Let me take this opportunity to make some additional suggestions—each in the La-La Pierre vein.

  1. Place armed guards at other types of sites where mass shootings have taken place: movie theaters, shopping malls, college campuses, political rallies, and just about anyplace else where people gather. There could never be too many guns. 
  2. Reinstate school prayer. Thank God for his support of the NRA and its right-minded members.
  3. Fill hunting vests with protective pocket bibles, and distribute to people as needed.
  4. Make assault-weapons safety a mandatory part of the school—and home-schooling—curriculum.
  5. Stop criticizing assault weapons owners, lest you provoke the next potential shooter.
  6. Require everyone to buy an assault weapon. Remember, it isn’t assault weapons that kill people; it’s people without guns failing to kill the bad guys that result in people being killed.
  7. Consider that trying to limit assault weapons will only hurt the gun manufacturers. Then where will we be?
  8. Avoid the slippery slope: legislating assault weapons could also lead to restricting hunting rifles, pellet and BB guns, cap pistols, and squirt guns. Who knows if it would even end there?
  9. Use a little logic: Restricting assault weapons won’t end carnage. A determined killer can still lock people in an auditorium and strangle them one at a time.
  10. Allow only gun owners to vote, and shoot anyone who disagrees with these reasoned solutions.


#1 Military Historian on Monday January 07, 2013 at 1:53pm

Your lampoon of the NRA’s mantras is funny and on generally the mark.  But as an atheist who has owned and used firearms for nearly 50 years I would like to provide you with an anecdote of how my possession of a firearm averted personal injury or even death. 

Years ago I dropped by my father’s place of business only to see a car parked in back, out of sight of the office with the motor running.  Since the area had a history of armed robberies, I took the precaution of having my Colt pistol cocked, locked, and out of sight as I entered the office.  My father was behind his desk looking down the barrel of a pistol held by one of two men. The man with the gun froze when he turned and saw the Colt pointed at his head.  His partner did the same.  My father then pulled his pistol from a hidden holster under the desk, and invited the men to leave peacefully.  They did. 

As you can see, those of us who have averted immediate personal danger to ourselves and our loved ones through the responsible use of firearms are going to be understandably reluctant to surrender

In closing I wish to add that I resigned my Life Membership in the NRA several years ago because of the organization’s persistent support of large capacity magazines and assault weapons, and its single-minded efforts to prevent the election of any individual who felt as I do.

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