Nun “Cured” by Pope John Paul II Falls Ill Again

March 5, 2010

public domain - from Wikipedia Commons

According to the Guardian , a nun who claimed that the deceased Pope John Paul II cured her of Parkinson's disease has fallen ill again. 
Three years ago Sister Marie Simon-Pierre described how she regained her health after a night of prayer to the Pope, who had already died. According to Sister Simon-Pierre, after writing John Paul's name on a paper with a trembling hand, she awakened the next day cured of Parkinson's disease.

But the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita reports that one of the doctors charged with examining the nun's claims thought she might have suffered from a different, but similar nervous disease, which could go into sudden remission. A report on the paper's website further stated that the nun had become sick again with the same illness.

The Vatican has issued no comment on the grounds that the John Paul's case was still under examination.  According to the Guardian, the Vatican has been under "relentless pressure" to expedite John Paul's canonization. "On the day of his funeral in 2005 there were unparalleled scenes in St Peter's Square, when the crowd took up a chant of 'santo subito', or 'saint straightaway'."


#1 J. (Guest) on Friday March 05, 2010 at 5:42pm

If a dead Pope can be given credit for the cure is it fair to blame him for making her sick again?

#2 Robert (Guest) on Tuesday March 09, 2010 at 2:04am

Not JPs fault, he probably just got distracted.

Probably a butterfly flew by.

Or a chicken….

#3 Don Copler (Guest) on Saturday March 13, 2010 at 9:12pm

You know how John Paul came up with his name, don’t you?  He decided George Ringo sounded silly

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