Psychics: Be a Hero, Save Lives, and Earn $2 Million!

March 8, 2010, the auto information and pricing company, is launching a contest to find the cause of (and solution to) the problem that has allegedly caused dozens of auto accident deaths and devastated Toyota’s reputation. Toyota has recalled millions of vehicles to fix sudden-acceleration problems, but Jim Lentz, president of Toyota Motor Sales USA, left doubts in his appearance before a congressional panel that the company had fully resolved the issue. Edmunds Chief Executive Jeremy Anwyl announced the competition: "If there is only one person who can re-create unintended acceleration in a car and then solve that problem and prove the whole thing to us, then they'll get $1 million.”

This offer will be welcome news to the thousands of people who claim to have psychic powers. If psychics have access to information beyond the normal senses (and can predict the future, locate missing persons, talk to the dead, “remote view,” etc.) there’s presumably no reason they shouldn’t be able to determine what’s wrong with the recalled Toyotas.

This is a no-lose proposition! Not only will Edmunds award $1 million to the psychic, but the James Randi Educational Foundation would also throw in its own $1 million. The psychic would also be a national hero, saving the lives of innocent people—not only Toyota drivers, but others who may be injured or killed by the runaway cars whose defects remain unknown. If I had psychic powers, this would be a perfect opportunity to become rich and do some real good in the world at the same time.

Of course, if psychics don’t really have any special ability, and can’t provide any valid, reliable, useful information, then I wouldn’t expect them to take up the challenge.