Public Reactions to the Chupacabra Solution

March 22, 2011

Earlier today I issued a press release about solving the mystery of the Hispanic vampire beast el chupacabra (and my book Tracking the Chupacabra: The Vampire Beast in Fact, Fiction, and Folklore ), and I was curious to see what the public's reaction would be to the news. Many skeptics would surely assume that there was no such beast to begin with, and of course the hardcore believers would not be swayed by any evidence.

So I took a look at some of the early comments on some of the news stories to survey the public's take on it. Two interesting posts on ABC News caught my eye:

One poster, 15texinf, wrote: "Radford apparently has not interviewed anyone in deep south Texas. The stories of chupacabras go back hundreds of years in Texas. The more recent evidence including video can not be explained by mangy coyotes."

In fact, I did interview people in south Texas, and he's simply wrong. There are no chupacabra reports in Texas dating back hundreds of years-in fact there can't be, since the name was only coined in 1995. But anyway...

More interesting was this post, by a "phdinprogress," who claimed that his group has hard evidence of the chupa's existence! "Having been involved in Project C and fortunate enough to work with educated researchers who are determined to either prove or disprove the existence of several disparate mysterious creatures, it is quite obvious to me that this individual already had his belief set in concrete that what he was investigating was nonsense. As our organization has progressed in its work, we have come quite close to closing the book on the issue of the Chupacabras. We are not yet prepared to make a definitive statement at this time, but there will be an announcement accompanied by hard evidence from Puerto Rico. Without being over dramatic, the mystery of this creature will be blown wide open this summer and the public will learn some shocking information that may well transform their view of the U.S. government and the meaning of existence itself. Enough said."

So there you go, folks. The chupacabra will be officially proven to exist this summer, along with information that will challenge your view of "existence itself." Stay tuned!