March 26, 2015

  1. What word describes the paranormalists’ huge claims?
       Answer: Incredi-bull.

  2. How did the ghost horse react when he came upon a spectral rattlesnake?
        Answer: He was spooked.

  3. What could we call the repository of mythic beasts that are no longer regarded as viable?
        Answer: Crypt o’ zoology.

  4. What did the congregation call their pastor who insisted on modernizing biblical language?
        Answer: An a-“thee”-ist.

  5. What happened to the magician’s assistant who was tired of vanishing and coming back?
       Answer: She decided to diss appear.

  6. What did the great agnostic Robert G. Ingersoll disbelieve about himself?
       Answer: That he had an immortal Inger-soul.

  7. What did the contrarian funeral director buy?
       Answer: A hearse of a different color.

  8. What would a too-stiff imitator of Yours Truly be?
       Answer: A wooden Nickell.

  9. What could we call simulacra (pictures seen in random forms like inkblots) when they are particularly astonishing?
       Answer: Ror-shocks.

  10. Among monster claims, what cryptid seems to have presented the least challenge to explain?
       Answer: The Stupidcabra.