RIDDLEculous X

February 29, 2016

RIDDLEculous X

  1. Why was the New Age culinary school a failure?
    Answer: Too many kooks spoiled the broth.

  2. A particularly troublesome spirit of a chicken would be known as . . . .?
    Answer: A poultry geist.

  3. In filming a thriller about a mind-over-matter-using serial killer, what would the director’s call for “Action!” invite?
    Answer: Psycho kinetics.

  4. In England, where cereal crops are called “corn,” what should crop-circle enthusiasts be called when their ideas are especially far out?
    Answer: Corn flakes.

  5. What do you call a skilled dart player who can hit a chi point on a meridians chart?
    Answer: An accurate puncturist.

  6. Hearing a noise, the cryptozoologist first thought he’d had a close shave with a monster, but what then happened?
    Answer: He used Occam’s razor.

  7. If we had magic powers, what might we turn the prince of phoney marvels into—rather than a frog?
    Answer: The Lizard of Oz.

  8. What could we call a site important to the history of UFOs?
    Answer: A hysterical landmark.

  9. What did James Randi—the world-renowned psychic investigator—reveal about the man who claimed to move the pages of an open book by psychokinesis?
    Answer: That he was a blowhard.

  10. What should you give a hungry vampire?
    Answer: A stake.