The Morning Heresy 4/17/12: Don’t Bait the Secularists

April 17, 2012

Your daily digest of relevant news and links from Paul Fidalgo

We at CFI are getting on board with the Unite Women campaign:

"CFI and United Women stand together in their commitment to a world where every person is granted fundamental rights and freedoms: freedom of conscience, freedom from the dictates of someone else’s religion, and the freedom to care for our own bodies and our own lives as we see fit." 

CFI's own Dren Asselmeier gives some background and context 

New Point of Inquiry podcast: Austin Dacey and the future of blasphemy 

CSI's Ben Radford on the "fuzzy" concept of balance

Via Kylie, the Global Atheist Convention's Hitchens tribute 

Also at the GAC: How do you get more attention than a crowd of protesting religious zealots? Get two guys to kiss each other.  

Chatter about the possibility that Ratzi might resign as pope 

Selma, AL hotel is apparently "one of the most haunted places" in the state, complete with "ghost dogs" 

Minneapolis has its own Loch Ness Monster! (not really) 

Republicans beginning to urge Romney to embrace his Mormonism 

But Jacques Berlinerblau warns Romney, "Don't bait the secularists" (though it is effective) 

Bust out your old camcorder or Flip cam, 'cuz the Portland Humanist Film Festival is coming up! 

Filed under "Misplaced Priorities": Richard Land apologizes, not for saying that any violence around the Trayvon Martin shooting would be Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Pres. Obama's fault, but for plagiarizing that idea from a Washington Times op-ed 

Headline of the Day: "Psychic John Edward Fails to Predict $150,000 Lawsuit Against Him" 

Bigfoot in Vermont! One witness:

"Red glowing eyes, about 7 feet tall, making a sound like a pig squealing or a woman screaming and walking like a man but looking more like a gorilla." 

Quote of the Day  

UCLA social psychology professor Benjamin Karney on eHarmony's "hoodwinking" of users about their scientific bona fides:

"If you're gonna make scientific claims, act like a scientist. Or don't make scientific claims. Don't pretend!"

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