The Morning Heresy 4/20/12: Lunatic, Heal Thyself

April 20, 2012

Your daily digest of relevant news and links from Paul Fidalgo

Winning the war of attrition: Not only are one in four millennials "unaffiliated" with any religion, but more than half of those were once affiliated when they were younger

Reuters: Kuwaiti imprisoned for tweeting about Muhammad attacked by fellow inmate 

Romney to deliver the commencement address to Jerry Falwell's Liberty University

Sarah Posner in Salon on Romney:

"At first blush, Mitt Romney’s reluctance to talk about his faith might seem like a positive development to any supporter of secularism in presidential politics. But he’s only tight-lipped about his Mormonism, not about religious right causes, which he is more than happy to take up."  

Anthony Pinn address to New York Society for Ethical Culture: "How Black Bodies Challenge Humanist Ethics" 

Jezebel: Measles are trendy 

Ben RadfordVenus is not, alas, a UFO 

Religion Dispatches: "Personhood" movement's inability to compromise hindering its legislative prospects 

Barry Lynn comes down on the White House for meeting with president of American Bible Society "to begin a dialogue on the importance of the Bible in the founding of the country." (via Posner)  

NYT comes down on the Catholic Bishops for trying to shut up the nuns

Humanist Network News op-ed: The humanist case against pornography 

Amanda Marcotte in Slate:

"The secular rationales for the belief [in abstinence-only education] don't hold up under scrutiny, leaving us with the unavoidable conclusion that a religious belief about sex is being pushed on kids in schools, even those who don't come from religious traditions that hold that sex outside of marriage is unclean." 

Nijah Toshumba on the choice to become an agnostic:

"Religion divides our world, and completely stops us from being willing to just experience each other’s culture, because we are taught our way is the best way and all other ways are wrong.  I’ve always thought the whole idea of God and religion was to be loving to all, no matter who they are or what they practice."  

Letter to the editor in Tacoma News Tribune: "The tenets of environmentalism, as taught in real universities, are based in scientific and technical studies and are subject to examination, debate, testing and rejection."

Police in Louisiana turn to psychic to help solve missing persons case 

Daily Kos diarist on "straight atheist angel" Todd Stiefel and his support of North Carolina's "No On Amendment One" campaign 

University of Northern Iowa op-ed on misunderstood atheists

Ironic quote of the day, from Bloomberg Businessweek on the Psychic Friends' Network (emphasis mine):

Over the past decade, the Psychic Friends Network has kept a few phone lines open but operated quietly, says [CEO] Marc Lasky. In that time, a Nevada woman even started a website called in 2000, and this year filed a lawsuit against Lasky’s company about rights to the name. “She’s a lunatic,” says Lasky . . . “She just wants money." 

Most depressing clipping of the day, from WaPo: 

The Catholic priest who headed the diocese’s Northern Virginia office responsible for protecting children from sexual abuse was placed on administrative leave Wednesday while he is investigated for alleged sexual misconduct with a teenage boy.

Quote of the Day  

Pakistani journalist Munazza Siddiqui on the necessity of the formation of Secular Humanists of the World Unite: 

“Militant and Islamic extremist forces around the world are connected to each other, while secular, positive & constructive forces remain unaware of each other’s presence and activities, hence standing alone in small, powerless clusters. . . .This movement aims to become a part of the network of secular forces around the globe; forces that stand for humanity, peace and social justice."

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