The Morning-ish Heresy 5/18/12: Bio-Adjusting Mattress

May 18, 2012

Your daily digest of relevant news and links from Paul Fidalgo

Tonight marks the start of the much-talked-about Women in Secularism conference, and I have a feeling this is going to be an event that will really get the gears turning for folks in the movement. I suspect a lot of content generation will result.

I write to you now from the New England skies, on a plane from Portland, Maine headed for a connection in Philly, and then on to my former home of DC, trying out this whole blogging thing from an iPad (thus the late publication). As soon as I can snag a grip on one of the tendrils of the World Wide Interwebs, I'll post this somewhat-rushed edition of the Heresy and then, I dunno, probably do a lot of ironing of my questionably-packed "formal" clothes.

Enough about me! Let's get this weekend started!

We at CFI are doing a little more chest-thumping about Point of Inquiry's shout-out as a top-ten podcast

What do you do if you're a priest and someone accuses you of sexual abuse? Have them killed, of course

Emir of Kuwait decides that 100% sharia is a wee bit much

It's nice to have friends: staffer of Sen. James "Climate Change is a Hoax" Inhofe reaches out to "partners" in oil industry to "better coordinate" against Obama on tax subsidies

Hemant: Suit succeeds in getting prayers out of Greece, NY town board meetings, judge's decision "wasn't even subtle."

Lisa Miller: Romney's is the God of "I", Obama's is the God of "we." So, like, Romney worships Data and Obama worships the Borg??

North Carolinian veteran claims harassment by police after he removes Christian flag from war memorial

Head-scratcher of the day: letter to the editor in Courier News:

. . . atheists seem to feel perfectly comfortable with anything of the Islamic religion. That seems to be an act of cowardice and discriminatory. OK, let us say these godless people want complete separation of church and state. So does it mean stealing, killing (murder), committing adultery and lying will all be acceptable in their eyes?

I believe I speak for the entire atheist community when I say, "Huh?"

David Sloan Wilson: New Atheism needs a better understanding of evolutionary religious studies:

Whenever New Atheists make claims about religion as a human phenomenon, their claims should respect the authority of empirical evidence. Insofar as the new discipline of ERS has added to empirical knowledge of religion, the New Atheists should be paying close attention to ERS. This is especially true for Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennett, whose names are so closely associated with evolution.

Hessam Hashaballa at ChicagoNow: Blasphemy laws are actually blasphemous:

God may punish those who mock Him, or His messages, or His messengers on Judgment Day, but no where in these verses does it say “kill them now.” So, by what authority do these so-called “defenders of the faith” call for the murder of so-called “blasphemers.” They have none, and they distort the holy Word of God when they do thus.

MsJoyFG at BlogHer struggles with people pressuring her to get her kid into a church:

I understand why these children feel it is imperative to invite [my daughter] to church. It is a fun place where they sing songs, eat a snack and talk about the underlying fear of what happens after you die.

The Grumpy Anti-theist on magic bio-adjusting mattresses and gullibility

This is comforting as I prepare to board: Plane almost crashes when it spots a UFO

Quote of the Day:

Cord Jefferson at Gawker talks about being a black atheist, as a kid remembers confusion over the last line of MLK's "Dream" speech:

"One day, if everyone does get free at last," I asked my dad, "why would we thank God Almighty? Why not thank ourselves for working hard?"

Jefferson nominates Neil deGrasse Tyson as the "black leader America needs." 

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