The Morning Heresy 6/6/12: No Archaeopteryx Allowed

June 6, 2012

Your daily digest of relevant news and links from Paul Fidalgo

So last night was interesting. Both in orbit around the Sun and in the voting booths of Wisconsin, two entirely predictable things happened that were also kind of stunning. Greg Laden is hopping mad about one of them (the one not about Earth's sister planet), and Kylie Sturgess was hopping excited about the other (the one not about union-related political tumult).

CFI chief Ron Lindsay has a smart look at the differences between coming out as gay and coming out as atheist:

There’s a big difference between being gay and being an atheist. Someone can persuade you to be an atheist; no one is going to persuade you to be gay (no matter what the extremist anti-gay propaganda says). I don’t foresee a best-selling book entitled The Straight Delusion or Heterosexuality Poisons Everything. The LGBT community wants acceptance; they don’t want to persuade others to join their "team," and even if they had that objective, they would strive for it in vain.

Speaking of coming out, here's video from recently-liberated atheist preacher Theresa MacBain's talk to CFI-Indiana (and here's Reba Boyd Wooden talking about CFI-Indy's busy past few weeks)

CFI's Office of Public Policy is urging North Dakota voters to reject a ballot measure that could give enormous power to religion to live above the law

Ophelia puts it bluntly:

It means a lot of horrible fundamentalist shit dressed up as Religious Liberty and allowed to proceed, no matter how illegal it would be in any other context. 

The CFI Center Stage podcast has part one of a panel discussion between Susan Jacoby, Michelle Goldberg, and Marianne Mollman on "Women's Rights as Human Rights" at CFI-NYC 

Now here's an interesting grouping: PZ Myers, Chris Stedman, Leslie Cannol, and Meredith Doig gather after the Global Atheist Convention to talk about theists and nontheists working together (via Kylie)

It's not just here: Creationists have veto power over South Korea's educational system too (Goodbye, Archaeopteryx!)  

Lansing City Pulse covers Penn Jillette's appearance tonight with CFI-Michigan 

Terrorist attackers of a Danish newspaper that published the famous Muhammad cartoon in 2005 are convicted, sentenced to 12 years  

Letter to the editor in Iowa's Quad City Times makes the snarky case that the GOP should be down with Sharia

Oh, Tennessee. There's another attempt to get another county commission to stop praying at meetings. Good luck!  

Hemant puts himself in the place of someone sending hate mail to the FFRF, and the result is many lulz 

More importantly, Hemant has pics of atheists helping the homeless in Texas 

Pastor John Hagee would like us godless heathens to GTFO of the USA, and for Congress to outlaw Satanism and witchcraft 

Huh??? Arab Times is reporting that Kuwait may have discarded its death-for-blasphemy law 

Thumbing their noses at the Legion of Doom, the nuns are hitting the road

Gregory Clark, in Salt Lake City's CityWeek, is unimpressed by Mormons Building Bridges 

China: Hey Buddhist temples, get off the stock exchanges

One nice thing about religion from the perspective of paternalism: Religion helps reduce cuckoldry 

Nigel Barger in HuffPo: Even though the hyper-religious reproduce like bunnies, that atheism-beats-religion-by-2038 thing is still true 

Raw Story covers SCA's foray into Kentucky 

Right wing, pro-God-in-society "atheist" says let's burn Qurans 

CFI on Campus blogger Alex Tarbet on the history of humanistic thought 

CSI's Joe Nickell reviews The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 

Quote of the Day     

Penn Jillette, in the aforementioned City Pulse article:

Because there’s so much hostility between the two, I’d like (believers) to see there’s a bunch of us atheists who are goofy and playful and pleasant. 

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