The Morning Heresy: 8/6/12: Let’s just call Missouri and North Carolina “alternative.”

August 6, 2012

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Today’s Morning Heretic is CFI intern Stef McGraw. Supposedly Paul’s still out being a good dad or something, but I’m guessing he just wants to watch the Olympics all day. Regardless of what he’s really doing, he will return 8/13.

A post at JREF discusses the effect that certain terminology can have on how people view alternative medicine. Sounds “integrative.”

Speaking of alt medicine and terminology: With the British government cracking down on homeopathy being sold as legitimate, tested medicine, one company responds with a rather creative, yet self-incriminating, solution:

“If necessary we could revise the manufacturing method, the labelling of the bottles and kit box to present them as non-medicines and non-homeopathic and market them as ‘confectionery’.”

Tomorrow, Missouri voters will probably decide that church/state separation isn’t really that important. They could surprise me, but I won’t hold my breath.

In other news about states I never want to live in, North Carolina passed a law restricting lawmakers from using scientific evidence that sea levels are rising. Because good policymaking comes from how we want the physical world to operate, right?

At the Huffington Post, a blogger reflects on his time in Catholic seminary, giving insight to the intersection of homosexuality and the priesthood.

The International Freethought Film Festival ended yesterday, unsurprisingly not without at least one controversial film.

Speaking of controversy, the Freedom From Religion Foundation is arguing it unconstitutional for a high school band to play “God Bless America” at school functions. Hey, where were they when I had to sit through three graduations playing “Pomp and Circumstance”? That should be unconstitutional.

Ian Murphy lays out his five most awful atheists, to which Hemant Mehta responds (mostly) disagreeing.

Now that you’re probably nice and pissed off at the world, we’ll finish it out with something more positive. In Scotland, Catholic weddings are getting destroyed by the Humanists…in quantity, that is.

I lied, one more thing to piss you off: don’t forget that a Humanist wedding isn’t possible everywhere in the U.S. CFI is still in a lawsuit in Indiana arguing that secular celebrants should be able to conduct marriage ceremonies.

Quote of the Day 

From Robert Sobel of the Examiner, explaining the ramifications of Missouri’s Amendment 2:

“According to the language in the amendment, if a student who believes in creationism is asked to take a test on the scientifically accepted theory of evolution, the student could point to the new amendment and get out of the class.”

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