The Morning Heresy 8/8/12: Everyone, Eat Your Cheerios!

August 8, 2012

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Today’s morning heretic is Cody Hashman. Paul is out on a vision quest to find his chakras or spirit animal or something. It’s ok though, he is safe because I’m pretty sure he is wearing his power band. I might be wrong, though, because someone just told me he is tending to a newborn, which means I am mixing my dreams and reality again (dammit!). I have been assured he will be returning on August 13th.

In other Paul Fidalgo news, evidently, as an atheist, you don’t have to be angry at everything.

Paul writes:

But what I’ve come to realize, particularly as the humanist side of atheism has made me fuse it with my political and social justice interests (the latest Free Inquiry has a whole special section on this topic), that while I think their positions are philosophically and scientifically laughable, their places on the ideological spectrum are close enough to mine to consider them allies rather than enemies.

Reading that piece didn’t make me mad, so perhaps there is merit to what Paul is saying.

In case you didn’t seen this fail of a video, a Minnesota based Christian radio host, Michael Leisner, was recorded lighting fire to some Honey Nut Cheerios on the grounds of General Mills. Well, the demonstration got a little out of control and Leisner ended up setting fire to more than just the Cheerios. Why was he doing this? Gay people are ruining America, duh. It also appears he was recently fired from his job.

Does this mean I have to eat more Cheerios? I’m getting lost in all of this snacktivism. Eat chicken. Don’t eat chicken. Burn Cheerios. The purple Oreos are the gay friendly ones, but stay away from those homophobic mint double-stuffed Oreos because the second batch of filling is pure hate. I’m lost. Can someone make me an infographic?

Good news on the health front! The Obama administration, after being contacted by a coalition of LGBT groups, has affirmed that it will look into reported cases and enforce laws prohibiting discrimination against transgendered individuals. A report on the memo can be found at Buzzfeed and the memo itself can be found here.

The Skepticon team is doing an AMA at 8PM (ET) on reddit this evening. Check the r/IAmA subreddit around that time to ask the team about kittens and skepticism.

Greta gives us 4 good reasons why atheist have to fight for their rights. I’ll be waiting for the follow up piece, “4 Reasons Atheists Have to Fight for Their Right to Party.”

Evidently the gunman of the shooting at the Wisconsin Sikh temple was eyed by the feds on more than one occasion for suggesting to acquaintances that a “racial holy war was coming.”

Enter ol’ Pat Robertson with another opinion about the recent Sikh temple tragedy. He suggests—as he was presumably told by God after bench pressing 1,500 lbs—that clearly atheists are the reason for the shooting, not a neo-Nazi white supremacist.

Also, while we are talking about fundy word-vomit, Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association recently tweeted that we need an “Underground Railroad to deliver innocent children from same-sex households.” I…have no comment.

In case you have been living under a rock, we (well, robots that we made) landed on Mars in a blaze of sky-crane/parachute awesomeness. Here is a video of the descent. 

Finally, it would appear that the penalty for abusing a non-existent being (aka swearing in a church) in Russia is three years in prison. At least that’s what a Russian prosecutor is demanding in the case against the Russian members of the activist group/band Pussy Riot who are being charged with hooliganism instead of inciting religious hatred which would have carried a maximum penatly of 7 years in prison.

Quote of the Day   

To make sure that my blasphemy is thoroughly expressed, I hereby state my opinion that the notion of a god is a basic superstition, that there is no evidence for the existence of any god(s), that devils, demons, angels and saints are myths, that there is no life after death, heaven nor hell, that the Pope is a dangerous, bigoted, medieval dinosaur, and that the Holy Ghost is a comic-book character worthy of laughter and derision. I accuse the Christian god of murder by allowing the Holocaust to take place—not to mention the “ethnic cleansing” presently being performed by Christians in our world–and I condemn and vilify this mythical deity for encouraging racial prejudice and commanding the degradation of women.

— James Randi, Skeptic Magazine, 1995 (Happy belated birthday to The Amazing Randi who turned 84 yesterday!)

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