The Morning Heresy 9/13/12: More Pills Than There are Atoms in the Universe

September 13, 2012

Your daily digest of news and links relevant to the secular and skeptic communities. 

Things remain ugly amid the violence, protests, confusion, and absurd statements surrounding the events in Egypt, Libya, and now Yemen (oh, and Morocco, Sudan and Tunisia).

Foreign Policy has the background on the infamous tweet that made everyone think (including me) that the US government was beginning its response to the attacks with a condemnation of free speech. (It wasn't - the tweet from the US embassy in Egypt was written before the attacks and was meant as a diplomatic "cool your jets" message of sensitivity.) 

Mitt Romney stuck to his guns, claiming that the Obama administration was apologizing for America and sympathizing with the attackers. The mainstream media then became collectively nauseous

US Muslims worry about backlash, leaders condemn the attacks. 

Rachel Maddow posits that the attacks on the consulate in Benghazi may have been an organized terrorist strike, timed to the 9/11 anniversary, that usurped an otherwise mostly-peaceful protest. 

Maryan Namazie posts the offending movie trailer in question, and I still can't bear to even watch it, it looks so dumb. 

Hey, lighten up everybody. There's a really nerdy Halloween party coming to CSICon 2012 in Nashville, and Ron Lindsay has this crazy idea for you to win some cash with your psychic powers! 

NYC rabbi says he "would rather go to jail then comply with the consent requirement" proposed for circumcisions that include the mohel sucking the blood off the infant's, um, winkie. 

Stephanie Zvan respectfully takes issue with Ron Lindsay's post on divisiveness within the skepto-atheosphere. 

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev calls for the release of three members of Pussy Riot. 

Masala Skeptic has some ideas about how to be more constructive with your Internet rage. 

Steven Poole in The New Statesman goes after Chris Mooney, Sam Harris, and other authors for alleged "neurobollocks." 

Meanwhile, Annaka Harris, wife of Sam, is set to publish a children's book celebrating inquiry and the statement "I don't know." 

Getting what you paid for, via Bluefield Daily Telegraph:

A woman who paid $75 to join other paranormal researchers on a late-night hike through the Daniel Boone National Forest said she got a glimpse of Bigfoot. 

Just so we're clear, Popular Science details homeopathy's plausibility:

. . . to ensure you actually did ingest one molecule you would have to swallow about 10380 pills—many, many more pills than there are atoms in the universe. 

LDS church insists it's not trying to rally the troops for Romney. 

Quote of the Day       

Peter Boghossian posts a call to arms in defense of reality: 

Be a gadfly. Speak up if you think what you're hearing is bullshit. Never tone it down or talk baby talk. Never mumble or apologize in the defense of reason. Don't bow to the sensitivities of others. Don't cower to political correctness. Repudiate bullshit wherever you find it. Reason is worth standing up for. 

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