The Morning Heresy 6/21/12: The Baptist Convention Formerly Known as Southern

June 21, 2012

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Here I am once again in the Portland Jetport (that's Portland, Maine, you crunchy Oregonian elitists!), on the way to the The Most Important Event of All Time Times Eleventy Billion, the CFI Student Leadership Conference in Amherst, NY. I'm trying to scratch together another edition of the Heresy from my iPad, which, I don't mind telling you, is a little harder to do than with a laptop. I do most of my CFI-ing from my desktop Mac at home, so I am constantly looking for the most efficient workarounds for getting the job done on the road without a full-fledged "computer." Anyway, time is short as I hop from airport to airport, so let's see what I can scrounge together for my tens and tens of readers.

Our public policy office has a new alert for Michiganders, and you can take action now:

The Michigan Senate is expected to vote soon on a House-approved bill that would effectively legalize discrimination in counseling programs at public colleges and universities throughout the state. The Center for Inquiry (CFI) strongly opposes this measure and implores Michigan residents to contact their senators and tell them to vote “no.”

RNS: No one seems to know who's funding the Legion of Doom's "Fortnight for Freedom" campaign.

The Baptists Formerly Known as Southern: Southern Baptist Convention tries a rebranding, makes clear that gay rights are not human rights. Thanks for clearing that up.

Philadelphia jury is hung on charges against alleged child-rape-enabling monsignor.

Lifehacker gives a step-by-step guide, with help from Phil Plait, on how to figure out whether something that sounds crazy is true.

Back to Conversion-gate. Or Leah-gate. Libresco-gate? I dunno yet.

Adam Lee has some questions for Leah, including wondering why she feels morality must be personified as a being.

The LDS-owned Deseret News is predictably fascinated:

After exploring the roots, concepts and laws of morality, Libresco realized that it could not be defined outside of God, and, since then, she has continued to move forward exploring her new faith amid criticism and congratulations.

Cubik's Rube calls Leah "one of the good guys," but can't imagine "taking a step backward."

Though not intended for Leah, Jeffery Jay Lowder has 20 questions he'd like theists to answer.

Via a tweet from Kylie, it looks like huge numbers of Australians are ticking the "none of the above" box for religion.

Letter in the Jakarta Post says that the conviction of Alexander Aan puts at risk the relationship of those who sentenced him with Allah.

At the CSI website, Robert Blaskiewicz looks at the impact of the murderous white supremacist novel The Turner Diaries.

Okay. Okay. So, Joe the Plumber...remember him? Right. Well, he's (hahahahahahaha) running for Congress (aaaah hahahahahahahahaaaa) no, really, listen....and he says gun control is responsible for the Holocaust (AAAAH haahahahahahaaaaaa) no there's more...he thinks the Bible's never been revised! I KNOW!!!! AAAAH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA....whew. That was fun.

Via Hemant, Rick Warren commands his flock to stop following godless heathens on Twitter. Whatsamatter, Rick? Ya scared???

The Blaze covers SCA's push to maintain the current state of contraceptive coverage exemptions in the health care law, says that atheists don't understand how it's the Obama administration that's actually "intermingling" government and religion. IT'S ALL SO CLEAR NOW.

The recent heated hubbub in the atheosphere gives Greta hope.

ACLU asks RI governor to veto bill that would save the Woonsocket Cross. This is most significan because it gives me the excuse yet again to type the word "Woonsocket."

Queen of the Ants in my 2-year-old's favorite movie A Bug's Life, Cloris Leachman, is an atheist. Via Hemant.

Quote of the Day

The quote of the day is not a quote. It's a video. A few years back, this fella made a video in which he danced like an imbecile in a huge number of locales all around the globe, and it was one of the best things the Internet ever spat up, a genuinely moving piece of art. Well, he just made another one, expanding upon the original concept, more fully involving himself with the people in each location, and if anything, it's even better. Here's "Where the Hell is Matt?" part 2. You're welcome.

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