The Unbelief Generation - Millennials are the Secular Future

June 26, 2012

People are starting to really notice how the Millennial Generation (30 years old and younger) is so much more secular than any American generation before it.

As the polling numbers keep rolling in, I am struck by the repetition of the number 70%.  Watch out for that figure -- when seven out of ten Millennials agree, we are doubtless looking at permanent trends that will strongly characterize this generation throughout their lifetimes.

Where has the 70% figure popped up recently?

I first spotted that number from LifeWay's large survey of Millennials last year, as reported over at The Christian Post, where the results look like this:

Fewer that 70% of Millennials (about 65%) describe themselves as Christian.  Interestingly, their interest in Jesus has collapsed, too -- only 26% think they reach heaven for accepting Christ.

And 70% of Millennials say churches are irrelevant.

Just this month, that 70% figure popped up again, in two different polls.  Pew's new survey of belief found this (see CNN reporting, among others):

Slightly less than 70% (it is 68%) of Millennials have never doubted God's existence, revealing how 32% of this generation has doubt.  And they are growing more doubtful.  Just 5 years ago, only 17% of Millennials admitted doubt.

The second instance of that 70% figure showed up from a new Gallup poll asking about the Presidential electability of various groups. As reported by the Friendly Atheist, this important 70% figure stood out again:

70% of Millennials would vote for a qualified candidate who happened to be an atheist.

The Millennials may be destined to be America's next 'Greatest Generation' -- we'll see as history unfolds.  What is already assured is that the Millennials will be America's most secular generation this country has ever seen.