Therapy to Support Your Faith—and Suppress Yourself

August 6, 2009

The Wall Street Journal reports that the American Psychological Association has endorsed “therapy” that assists gays and lesbians to resist sexual desire. The purpose of this therapy is to allow gays and lesbians who are conservative Christians to adhere to the tenets of their faith, which condemns homosexual conduct.

This does not seem like therapy to me, unless therapy is expanded to include brainwashing someone into suppressing natural and legitimate desires for the purpose of adhering to pointless dogma. If a legitimate goal of therapy is to support absurd beliefs based on religious faith, here are some possible types of therapy:

  • Therapy to get women to suppress any desire for autonomy so they can accept submission to their husbands;
  • A therapy to get potential Islamic martyrs to suppress any desire to live so they can accept the legitimacy of self-destruction;
  • Therapy to get believers to suppress the desire for evidence-based reasoning, so they can blindly accept religious dogma.

The APA should be ashamed of itself. Oh, wait, I forgot. Members of this organization have undergone therapy to suppress any feelings of shame for endorsing nonsense.