What is Secularism? Secularism is for everyone.

October 4, 2011

Secularism has been the target of religion for a long time, and efforts to demonize secularism have gained ground lately.

Here's a handy guide to why we fight for secularism, and why everyone should join us.  Feel free to copy and distribute in any form.  Our fight for secularism has never been more urgently needed.


Let's get clear about Constitutional Secularism, which is about Public Law made for the People.  Constitutional Secularism doesn’t give special treatment to any views about religion.  No religious group should impose religious law on society.

The Myths: This country was not founded on secularism.  Only the non-religious care about secularism.  You’d have to be an atheist to want secularism.

The Realities: The US Constitution guarantees secularism to protect everyone.  Secularism is important to all citizens.  Religious freedom for everyone is not the same as religious law forced on everyone.  

― Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ―


Public Law                     

No religious test for Public office        

Education in science for everyone

Anyone can go to any church they like    

Medical services for medical conditions    

Public services for citizens based on need    

Public events treat all participants equally    

Legal proceedings have no religious bias    




Religious Law

Politicians must have the 'right' religion

Schools are for promoting one 'true' religion

States decide which churches get support

Medical services depend on 'moral' choices

Public services come with proselytizing

Public events include religious ceremonies

Law buildings display religious creeds


Constitutional Secularism promises full and equal citizenship for everyone.  Secularism protects personal religious belief.  Secularism is NOT about the government imposing anti-religion.  Secularism is the only way to defend against religious tyranny.

Nontheists are for Constitutional Secularism, just the way America's Founders intended.