Episode 13 - Nothing: Something To Believe In

January 25, 2010

In this engaging lecture author, Nica Lalli describes her encounters with such issues as faith, tolerance, and respect while living as an unbeliever in a faithful society. As a child she knew many mishaps with religious children and families of true believers. Her adulthood has been marked by spiritual ambivalence, but also by conflict with a new Christian in-law. At last Lalli defines herself by “what she is rather than what she is not,” becoming truly comfortable with a lifestance she describes – more engagingly than you might expect – as "nothing."

Nica Lalli is an artist and art educator from Brooklyn, New York. This talk is drawn from her memoir, also titled Nothing: Something to Believe In. This lecture was recorded in June 2007 during a Center for Inquiry Institute summer session in Amherst, New York.

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Episode 13 - Nothing: Something To Believe In



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