Episode 50 - Human Bodies: What Are We? Part 2

October 11, 2010


Part two of a two-part lecture by Joyce Salisbury, professor emerita of history and humanistic studies at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay.

On July 24,2008, the Center for Inquiry / Transnational at Amherst New York presented Dr. Salisbury’s lecture “Human Bodies: What AreWe?” before an audience of adult learners at that summer’s Center for Inquiry Institute. Her lecture examines concepts of the human animal as an embodied creature, especially as viewed through the eyes of the Christian religion through its history.

The lecture included unscripted dialogue with members of the class. Because questions and student comments were spontaneous, it was not possible to record them. A brief silence in the program denotes a question that could not be heard.


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Episode 50 - Human Bodies: What Are We? Part 2



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