Episode 7 - In Praise of Melancholy

December 14, 2009

A thought-provoking lecture by scholar Eric G. Wilson. In June of 2008, Dr. Wilson gave a lecture entitled "Against Happiness: Celebrating the Meditative Virtues of Melancholy" to an audience at the Center for Inquiry / Transnational in Amherst, New York. Wilson argues that melancholy – as distinct from depression – has many virtues that humanists should appreciate, notably insight into the self and creativity.

Eric G. Wilson is the Thomas H. Pritchard Professor of English at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He is the author of the recent book Against Happiness.

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Episode 7 - In Praise of Melancholy



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#1 hareton on Tuesday March 23, 2010 at 7:42am

Against Happiness is a great book that impressed me deep to the roots of my soul! It is not a cultural critique, it’s a love letter to Wilson’s own emotional state. As the book progresses, the potential audience gets smaller and smaller. It opens talking to all Americans, but by the second chapters he has narrowed his focus to “we melancholics,” and later to “melancholic intellectuals.” By the end he’s just curled up with his aloneness, and we somehow stumbled into his interior monologue… I downloaded it before in mp3 format by <a > mp3 search </a> , still I’m grateful to you for shaing this piece and in such a way reminding me about this unique work.

#2 labatterie (Guest) on Wednesday April 28, 2010 at 11:13pm

It is not a cultural critique, it’s a love letter to Wilson’s own emotional state.




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