Alber Saber

Alber Saber Alber Saber is, 28, is a prominent Egypt-born activist for secular democracy who was arrested during the 2012 protests in Cairo over a film made in the United States that depicted the Islamic prophet Muhammad in a negative light. Saber, raised in a Coptic Christian household, is an atheist who operated the Egyptian Atheists page on Facebook and has been a vocal proponent of secular government and critic of fundamentalism.

Alexander Aan

Alexander Aan Alexander Aan, 30, is a former Indonesian civil servant who in 2012 posted messages to Facebook expressing his lack of belief in a god, as well as several cartoons about the Islamic prophet Muhammad. He was beaten by a mob, arrested by police, and convicted of inciting religious hatred. He was sentenced to 30 months in prison and a ~$10,600 fine.

Asia Bibi

Asia Bibi Asia Bibi is a Christian mother of five who was living as a farm worker in Pakistan. In 2010, Bibi was alleged to have made blasphemous remarks following a disagreement with a Muslim coworker who refused to drink from a container of water she carried, believing it was tainted.

Asif Mohiuddin

Asif Mohiuddin Asif Mohiuddin, ~30, is an engineer and one of Bangladesh’s most prominent atheists and bloggers. After partially recovering from a brutal attack by suspected fundamentalist Muslims, he was arrested and put in prison for insulting Islam.

Bahá’í Seven

Bahá'í Seven In March and May of 2008, Iranian police arrested seven Bahá'í leaders and charged them with espionage, propaganda against the Islamic republic, and the establishment of an illegal administration. Their crime? Peacefully practicing their religion in a country where Shia Islam is the law of the land and those who belong to minority faiths, such as the Bahá'ís, are denied equal rights.

Hamad Al-Naqi

Hamad Al-Naqi Hamad Al-Naqi is a Shia Muslim who in February and March 2012 allegedly made a series of posts on Twitter critical of the Sunni rulers of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, the Prophet Muhammad, his wife Aisha, and his followers. Several members of the National Assembly of Kuwait called for his death.

Hamza Kashgari

Hamza Kashgari Hamza Kashgari is a twenty-three-year-old Saudi-born poet who formerly worked as a columnist for the Saudi daily newspaper al-Bilad. In February 2012, Kashgari posted messages on Twitter in which he imagined himself being in conversation with the Prophet Muhammad. Soon after, Saudi King Abdullah ordered that Kashgari be arrested “for crossing red lines and denigrating religious beliefs in God and His Prophet.”

Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot Pussy Riot is a Russian feminist band that plays punk rock and protest music and stages public performances. The group came to notoriety in February 2012, when three of the band’s twelve members shot a music video at Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Saviour called “Punk Prayer: Mother of God, Chase Putin Away!”

Raif Badawi

Raif Badawi Raif Badawi, 30, is co-founder of the website Liberal Saudi Network, which was dedicated to fostering open discussion of religion and politics. He has been sentenced to ten years in prison and 1,000 lashes for insulting Islam.

Rimsha Masih

Rimsha Masih Rimsha Masih is a young Christian girl, believed to be developmentally disabled and around fourteen years in age, who faced charges in Pakistan for allegedly burning sacred Muslim documents—a crime punishable by death in that country.

Sanal Edamaruku

Sanal Edamaruku Indian-born Sanal Edamaruku is founder and president of Rationalist International, president of the Indian Rationalist Association, and author of several newsletters and books. Edamaruku gained attention in April 2012, when he exposed a supposed “miracle” at a Catholic Church by revealing that a weeping cross was actually the result of a leaky drain.

Sherry Rehman

Sherry Rehman Sherry Rehman is Pakistan's ambassador to the United States. Due to a citizen complaint, she is currently under investigation for blasphemy, which could result in punishment as severe as the death penalty.

Yossawaris Chuklom

Yossawaris Chuklom Yossawaris Chuklom, 54, is a prominent comedian (stage name: Jeng Dokchik) and activist in Thailand who was recently sentenced to two years in prison for insulting the monarchy.