Why the Baha’i 7 Matter

"The world must stand together and proclaim with one voice that Iran must free the Baha’i prisoners," writes Katrina Lantos Swett of USCIRF.

House Republicans Defend Russians For Jailing Pussy Riot

Russia was right to jail feminist activists for exercising their right to free speech by staging an anti-government protest, according to two House Republicans on a junket to the former Soviet Union.

Turkish-Armenian Blogger Sentenced to Turkish Prison for Blasphemy

The blogger vows to appeal one day after an Istanbul court sentenced him to more than a year in prison for blasphemy.

Indonesia Continues to Disappoint on Religious Freedom

The United States Commission on Individual Religious Freedom (USCIRF) has again rated Indonesia as a Tier 2 country.

Time for Australia to Abandon Blasphemy Laws?

Is it time for Australia to get rid of its blasphemy laws, which are mostly rooted in the nation's Christian heritage and British legal origins?