Alber Saber Leaves Egypt, Laments its Political Situation

January 28, 2013

From the Friendly Atheist:

Alber Saber, the Egyptian atheist blogger and activist who was recently convicted of blasphemy and released on bail, has left the country, for his own safety as well as that of his family. Where he’s gone has not been revealed (and that’s a good thing).

Daily News Egypt just posted a lengthy interview with Saber, and it’s simply a must-read. Saber is passionate and informed, and articulates the secularist case, and the nature of the crisis in Egypt, with aplomb. In it, he elaborates on his horrifying experience with arrest, prison, and the violence and threats he’s encountered (including what he describes as multiple assassination attempts on him, which was news to me).

He also describes his personal journey to atheism, which I think many of us would find entirely familiar: In order to better understand his own Coptic Christian religion, he sought out information about other faiths, and in the process of learning, found them all wanting.

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