American Atheists Continues Bangladesh Protests Despite Day of Mourning; Others Postpone

April 29, 2013

From the Christian Post:

American Atheists and secular groups from around the world had planned to protest on Thursday outside of Bengali embassies around the world over the arrest and imprisonment of several atheist bloggers. The South Asian country, which is heavily Muslim, has been cracking down on those criticizing the faith and the government, accusing them of blasphemy and insulting Islam.

The country declared a national day of mourning on Thursday, however, after a massive building collapse in Bangladesh that left over 230 dead and 1,000 injured, with workers still digging out survivors from the incident. As a consequence, a number of planned rallies in support of the atheist bloggers have now been pushed back, but others have continued.

America's most prominent secular group, American Atheists, insisted that the tragedy should not hold back efforts to raise awareness for the persecuted nonbelievers currently in jail and in danger.

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