Blasphemy Laws Don’t Work in Muslim Countries, and They Won’t Work Here

October 09, 2012

From the Australian website The Conversation:

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), a peak body for Islamic countries which comprises 56 member states, has renewed its call for such laws. In his recent address to the UN Assembly last week Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono – whose country is a member of the OIC – demanded that Western countries criminalise blasphemy, and the call has resonated with some in the Muslim community in Australia. Islamic Association of Australia president Muhammad Wahid was reported as backing the need for laws that prevent the “mocking of religion”.

But how could such a law function if it were introduced in Australia? This question is particularly pertinent given that Australia is a religiously plural country, which has more than 200 different nationalities. These are split between at least five different major religions in Islam, Buddhism, Judaism and Christianity (of which the ABS records eight denominations) which all have their own claims to immutable truth.

The simple answer: it could not function at all. Why? There are two fairly instructive reasons.

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