Egyptian Human Rights Group Sues Newspaper Owner, Cartoonist for Insulting Religion

December 28, 2012

From the Daily News Egypt:

The secretary-general of the National Centre for Defence of Freedoms has filed a lawsuit against Naguib Sawiris, the owner of Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper, and their cartoonist Doaa El-Adl. The lawsuit, filed on Sunday, is in response to a cartoon depicting Adam and Eve, which the Secretary-General of the centre, Salafist lawyer Khaled El-Masry said was insulting of the prophet.

The cartoon depicts Adam and Eve standing beneath an apple tree on a cloud. Before them stands an Egyptian man with angel wings and a halo, who declares the couple would have never been expelled from heaven had they voted in favour of the referendum.

The cartoon was first discovered by the centre on Saturday. Less than an hour after posting a screenshot and criticism of the article on the centre’s Facebook page, the newspaper removed the cartoon from their online publication. El-Adl said the decision to remove the drawing came after several people posted scathing comments to the drawing on their website.

Nevertheless, the centre announced it would be taking legal action against Sawiris and El-Adl, having already transferred the case to the chief prosecutor for investigation.

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