The First Amendment Provides Full Protection to Innocence of Muslims

September 28, 2012

Constitutional lawyer Eddie Tabash provides a preview of his essay in the upcoming December 2012/January 2013 issue of FREE INQUIRY magazine:

There is nothing in this internet film that exhorts anyone to undertake any immediate violent action against Muslims. Ridiculing a religion’s beliefs and its founder is not an incitement to imminent lawless action. If free expression works properly, no adherent of any type of belief system, be it religious or otherwise, has any special right to silence a critic, even if the critic resorts to ridicule. Blasphemy is a human right. An integral part of freedom requires that anyone be permitted to express views that are deeply offensive to someone else’s beliefs. Those whose feelings are hurt are entitled to strike back verbally. The believer has a legal right to say that nonbelievers will burn in hell forever. The nonbeliever has a legal right to say there is no God in the first place, and thus no hell in which anyone will ever burn. Neither has a right to invoke the police power of the state to silence the other. Neither has a right to engage in violent acts against others or against other people’s property, as a consequence of feeling offended.

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