Turkey Virtuoso Denounces “Political” Blasphemy Trial

November 14, 2012

From NOW Lebanon:

World-renowned pianist Fazil Say has blamed Turkey's ruling Islamic-rooted party of being behind charges against him of insulting Islam and offending Muslims.

"The case is politically-motivated and behind all this is the AKP," Say told the private CNN-Turk television, referring to the Justice and Development Party.

The interview on Tuesday marked his first public comments since the beginning of his trial on October 18.

"They say I should show some respect but they do not respect me and sent me before judges," he said. "They want me to believe in God by having me sent to prison for a year and a half.”

"Is it up to the government to determine whether or not a person believes in God?" he added. "I am not scared of the AKP."

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