Freedom of Thought Report

In recognition of Human Rights Day, the International Humanist and Ethical Union on December 10 each year releases a report that details laws around the world which serve to restrict the rights to freedom of belief and expression, and instances of nonreligious persons facing discrimination and persecution.

The report is produced with support from a number of secularist, humanist, and atheist organizations.

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Dissent Denied: A Survey of Global Blasphemy and Incitement Laws & Cases

The right to freedom of expression—one of the most basic and foundational human liberties—is under attack and quickly eroding. Many governments around the world are punishing people simply for deviating, in word or in deed, from religion and other cultural customs. And the recent eruptions of violence in majority-Muslim countries, in response to an anti-Islam Internet video, have prompted global political leaders to renew calls for measures, both domestically and at the United Nations, which shield religious ideas from criticism.

Where do speech-restrictive laws exist? What exactly do they say? Are there international agreements that cover freedom of expression? How far do they allow states to go in restricting speech? Dissent Denied seeks to answer these questions by collecting information on laws used to curb free expression. Its goal is to better inform the public as to the extent of this problem and encourage action.

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Campaign for Free Expression Campus Resource Guide

The Campaign for Free Expression Campus Resource Guide details a wide range of activities—from lectures and educational presentations to protests and other events—that your campus group can take to help challenge complacency and raise awareness about impediments to free expression on campus, at the local and regional level, and worldwide.

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