CFI/Chicago DVDs are available now!

February 15, 2008

Order Form - CFI/Chicago DVDs

We now have DVDs available at a terrific price!  They include most of our meeting presenters from 2004 to the present, and some presentations by other humanist groups in Chicago.

To order, please print out this form.  We do not yet have the capability to order from this website or online.  Mail this form, with your check for payment, to:

Rev. Joanne R. Reid

PO Box 1206

Lombard, IL 60148

Please send me the Humanist DVDs I have checked in the list below.  I have enclosed $10.00 for each DVD to cover the costs of reproduction and mailing.

Please send my DVDs to me at the following address:




Total Enclosed:  $_____________________

Number, Subject and Speaker

C-1 End of Life Choices - Dr. Ulrich Danckers

C-2 History of Abortion - Margaret Aguilar

W-1 Behind the Scenes at the Field Museum - Dr. Ron Pine

W-2 Seven Aspects of Humanism - Rev. Dr. William Murry

W-3 Democracy, Terrorism and Humanism - Dr. Howard Radast

C-3 The Evolution of the Universe - Dr. Mike Albrow

W-4 The Human Side of Humanism - Tony Hileman

C-4 What Would Winning Really Look Like? - Jeff Epton

W-5 Classical Evidence for Evolution - Dr. Ron Pine

C-5 Secular Youth on Campus - Hemant Mehta

C-6 Foreign Entanglements: Perspectives from Overseas - Dr. Dean Miller

C-7 Classical Evidence for Evolution - Dr. Ron Pine

W-6 Humanistic Judaism - Rabbi David Oler, Ph.D.

W-7 Social Evolutionary Theory - Dr. Arthur Piper

C-8 Disability Ethics - Rebecca Brashler

W-8 From Charity to Policy - Anne Batchelder

C-9 Making Lemonade from the Lemons of Global Warming - Joseph Shacter

W-9 Future of Humanism - Mel Lipman

C-10 Creationism vs Science - Rev. Joanne R. Reid

C-11 Keeping Children Secular - Brant Abrahamson

C-12 Nuclear Renaissance or Relapse? - Dave Kraft

W-10 The Empty Frame - Eric Zorn

C-13 Introduction to Transhumanism - Dr. Ivan Philips

S-1 The God That Wasn’t There - Panel Discussion

CC-1 Creationism vs Science - Rev. Joanne R. Reid

C-14 Being Faithful to Doubt - Ayala Leyser

W-11 Alternative Energy Sources - Ted Lowe

C-15 Intelligent Design vs. Science - Rev. Joanne R. Reid

C-16 Losing the Soul to Science - Robert Holland

W-12 Ecohumanism: Beyond Exploitation or Romanticism - Dr. Robert Tapp

W-13 Grounding of Modern Humanist Ethics - Mike Werner

C-17 What's Wrong with K-12 Education? - Dr. Ron Pine

W-14 Evolutionary Psychology - Dr. Brad Sagarin

C-18 Darwin's Biology of Romantic and Intelligent Design - Dr. Robert Richards

W-15 The Joy of Humanism - Rev. Don Wheat

C-19 Sex Education in the Illinois Public Schools - Rebecca Novak

W-16 Buddhism and Humanism - Howard Katz

C-20 The Electronic Polling Place - Peter Zelchenko

C-21 Is Secular Humanism a Belief System? - a roundtable with Adam Walker

W-17 Immigration - August Staas

C-22 Discussion of Humanist Ethics - Ayala Leyser

W-18 Urban Nightmares - Dr. Stephen Macek

W-19 A Humanist Landing on K Street - Lori Lipman Brown

C-23 Religion, Ethics and Human Values - a group discussion

C-24 Living "Sex-Positively" - Searah Deysach

C-25 The Real and Hidden Economy - Dr. Kim Scipes

CC-2 God, the Bible and Humanism: a slide presentation - Rev. Joanne Reid

C-26 Sub-Atomic Particle Theory Applied to Government, Law and Religion - Dr. William Kreml

C-27 God in America: a televised roundtable with secularists (including CFI/Chicago leader Adam Walker) and religionists

C-28 Particles and Forces: the Stuff of the Universe - Dr. Mike Albrow

W-20 Corporate Personhood - August Staas

W-21 The Bonobo and Human Evolution - Dr. Philip Regal

C-29 Darwin's Galapagos - Melanie Wojtulewicz

C-30 Genocide in Our Time - Dr. Matthew Lippman

W-22 Empowerment of Working Women - Dr. Meena Razvi

W-23 If Theists took the Furniture.... - Rev. Brian Covell

C-31 God, Spirituality and the Soul - Dr. Alan Perlman

W-24 America's Most Reviled Minority - Rev. Ed Searl

C-32 Responding to Torture Survivors - Dr. Mary Fabri

C-33 Magic, Mysticism and Science - D.J. Grothe

C-34 Myth and Reality in the Justice System - Dr. Jim Thomas

C-35 Bachelor Woods - a tour through a "haunted" cemetery in suburban Chicago - Brad Bettenhausen

C-36 Darwin exhibit at the Field Museum - Robert Case

W-25 5th Anniversary picnic of the Humanists of West Suburban Chicagoland

C-37 Scientific Literacy and the teaching of Evolution - Richard Kissel

W-26 Civil Liberties in the Age of Terrorism - Edwin Yohnka

C-38 The "Commitment" Theory of Religion - Dr. William Irons

C-39 Protecting the Environment - Dr. Alan Schnaiberg

W-27 Dancing All of Life - Soni Simpson

W-28 I Sold My Soul on E-Bay - Hemant Mehta

W-29 Defending the Right to Choose - Bonnie Grabenhofer