Speakers & CFI Travel Team

Ronald A. Lindsay

Ronald A. Lindsay is president and CEO of the Center for Inquiry. He is both a lawyer and a philosopher, receiving his law degree from the University of Virginia School of Law and his Ph.D from Georgetown University (with a concentration in bioethics). Prior to joining CFI in 2006, he practiced law in Washington, D.C. for twenty-six years with the law firm of Seyfarth Shaw LLP. He has taught philosophy courses as an adjunct professor at American University and Georgetown University. Dr. Lindsay has authored numerous articles in refereed journals, and his book, Future Bioethics: Overcoming Taboos, Myths, and Dogmas, was favorably reviewed in Nature, which observed that Future Bioethics is "readable, reasoned and accessible" and successfully "challenges the taboos of bioethics." In his spare time, Ron Lindsay has appeared on Jeopardy! (two-time winner), run with the bulls, and skydived. He also manages to live successfully with three cats.

Lawrence M. Krauss

Lawrence M. Krauss holds several positions at Arizona State University. He is Foundation Professor in the School of Earth and Space Exploration and Physics department, associate director of the Beyond Center, codirector of the Cosmology Initiative, and director of the exciting new Origins Initiative, which will explore questions regarding the origins of the universe, human culture, and cognition. Krauss received his PhD from MIT in 1982 and then joined the Society of Fellows at Harvard University. He was appointed as a professor of physics and astronomy at Yale University in 1985 and then in 1993 joined Case Western Reserve University, where he has served as chair of the Physics Department, the Ambrose Swasey Professor of Physics, professor of astronomy, and director of the Center for Education and Research in Cosmology and Astrophysics. Krauss is the author of eight popular books including the international best-seller The Physics of Star Trek, the award-winning Atom, and his most recent book, Quantum Man: Richard Feynman's Life in Science (March 2011). Krauss is also a radio commentator and appears regularly on television. He is an essayist for major national newspapers, and he writes a monthly column for Scientific American. His activities have also included performing with the Cleveland Orchestra, being a judge at the Sundance Film Festival, and writing grammy-nominated notes for Telarc Records. A highly regarded international leader in cosmology and astrophysics, Krauss is the author of more than three hundred scientific papers, a member of numerous professional societies, and the winner of numerous international awards. He has been particularly active in issues of science and society, leading the effort by scientists to defend the teaching of science in public schools.

Phil Plait

Dr. Phil Plait, who goes by the nickname "The Bad Astronomer," is an internationally renowned astronomer, author, lecturer, blogger, and Past President of the James Randi Educational Foundation. He uses intelligence, critical thinking and a hefty dash of humor to dismantle pseudoscience and wild claims of the paranormal. His career as an astronomer has brought him in contact with NASA as a contractor for Goddard Space Flight Center for Hubble. He is in high demand for speaking engagements on radio, television and podcasts. He is also the creator of the popular website and blog BadAstronomy.com

Phil is also the host of the new science-based television program "Phil Plait's Bad Universe" on the Discovery Channel

Joyce Salisbury

Dr. Joyce Salisbury, Professor Emerita from the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay, has a PhD in Medieval History. She is an author of more than ten books, including a best-selling western civilization textbook, The West in the World, and other books on history and religion, including Perpetua's Passion, and The Blood of Martyrs. Salisbury also has written The Beast Within: Animals in the Middle Ages. This history of attitudes towards animals appeared in a second edition in 2010, and includes substantial new research on this popular topic. Salisbury is also much in demand as a lecturer, with speaking engagements on Celebrity Cruise Line¸ Norwegian Cruise line, and the prestigious "Semester at Sea" through the University of Virginia. Her many talks on land have included speaking at the Center For Inquiry. Salisbury has traveled often through the Mediterranean, and her talks are illustrated with images from ancient art and architecture.

Chris Mooney

Chris is a science and political journalist and commentator and the author of three books, including the New York Times bestselling The Republican War on Science–dubbed "a landmark in contemporary political reporting" by Salon.com and a "well-researched, closely argued and amply referenced indictment of the right wing's assault on science and scientists" by Scientific AmericanStorm World, and Unscientific America: How Scientific Illiteracy Threatens Our Future, co-authored by Sheril Kirshenbaum. They also write "The Intersection" blog together for Discover blogs. In addition, Chris is a host of the Point of Inquiry podcast and was recently seen on BBC 2 guest hosting a segment of "The Culture Show."

Chris was born in Mesa, Arizona, and grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana; he graduated from Yale University in 1999, where he wrote a column for the Yale Daily News. Before becoming a freelance writer, Chris worked for two years at The American Prospect as a writing fellow, then staff writer, then online editor (where he helped to create the popular blog Tapped).

Pat Beauchamp

Pat Beauchamp has been the manager of Business and Finance and conference coordinator for the Center for Inquiry, Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, and the Council for Secular Humanism since 1999.

As coordinator of the Center for Inquiry Travel Club, she has been able to experience many wonderful adventures with like- minded people in exotic settings. Now taking on the role as director of the Travel Club, she hopes to continue offering our supporters new and exciting Travel Events that will provide not only a memorable vacation but also offer new and informative lectures.

*Everything, including all times, itinerary and pricing, is subject to change at any time.