Speakers & CFI Travel Team

Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins is a world-renowned author and one of the most influential voices in science today. As an evolutionary biologist, Dawkins has advocated for a gene-centric theory of human evolution and a rejection of religious influence on science education. An outspoken atheist, the bestselling author of The Blind Watchmaker and The God Delusion has skillfully fought the progress-stifling dogma with his fierce commitment to furthering public understanding of science. Dawkins will join the CFI Riverboat Cruise to speak on his groundbreaking work in evolutionary science and his tireless advocacy for secularism.

Maryam Namazie

Maryam Namazie has given voice to millions of Muslim women restricted from civil rights due to Sharia law. Born in Tehran, the international activist has worked with refugee relief organizations in the United States and abroad and has been involved with campaigns against stoning, executions, sexual apartheid, and other women’s rights violations in Islamic societies. Namazie will bring her passion for human rights and secularism and her valuable insight into international law and the Muslim world to the CFI Riverboat Cruise for a discussion of how to protect those most vulnerable to the oppression of religious dogma.

Ronald A. Lindsay

Ronald A. Lindsay is president and CEO of the Center for Inquiry. He became involved with CFI and the Council for Secular Humanism during his years practicing law in Washington, DC, when he worked on several cases regarding church-state separation. Also a philosopher, with particular expertise in the realm of bioethics, Lindsay is the author of Future Bioethics: Overcoming Taboos, Myths, and Dogmas. His interest in a naturalistic understanding of morality will inform his on-board discussions, along with his occasionally acerbic wit.

CFI Travel Team

Pat Beauchamp, Director of the CFI Travel Club, has been the manager of Business and Finance and conference coordinator for the Center for Inquiry, Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, and the Council for Secular Humanism since 1999.

Adam Isaak serves as Media Specialist for the Travel Club. He produces CFI’s Point of Inquiry podcast and other media for CFI, CSI, and the Council for Secular Humanism.