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CFI Travel Club—Galápagos Expedition - Itinerary


How to Pack for the Perfect Trip

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Part of ensuring that you will have an excellent trip is bringing the right things for each part of the day, so let us give you a bit of a preview. You could be going from exploring the local flora and fauna, to soaking in the hot tub to having drinks at the Blue Finch Bar in a short twenty-four hours. That’s why we suggest packing your most comfortable and practical clothing for rugged environments as well as unwinding onboard Celebrity Xpedition.

Some suggestions include comfortable, rubber-soled shoes and lightweight hiking boots, a sun hat or two, your favorite sunglasses, and your trusty sunscreen. And for any Galápagos adventure you decide to experience, be sure to bring along clothing that can be easily layered for cool nights, as well as a light windbreaker and sweatshirt. In the end, the best rule to follow is to bring whatever clothing will allow you to make the most of the amazing Galápagos Islands.

NOTE: Each passenger is permitted one piece of luggage of no more than 41 lbs. and one small carry-on of no more than 17 lbs.

For Daytime and Shore Excursions

  • Neutral colored clothing is advised due to the possible presence of insects.
  • Lightweight rain jacket or windbreaker.
  • A small backpack to carry water and other essentials.
  • A hat, sunglasses, sunblock, and insect repellent.
  • A resealable plastic bag to prevent water damage to cameras and other items of that nature.
  • If you bring a digital camera, make sure to pack plenty of memory cards.
  • Weather in these ports can be unpredictable, so we recommend layers. During June it can be very hot on shore excursions.
  • Lightweight shorts and pants as well as both long- and short-sleeved shirts.
  • A jacket or sweatshirt will come in handy for cooler days and evenings.
  • Sturdy, comfortable walking shoes or lightweight hiking boots, thick socks, swimsuit, and waterproof sandals or wet/dry water shoes for the beach and wet landings. Some of the island trails require walking on rocks, so be sure to have support and good tread on walking shoes.

For Evenings

  • As you pack evening clothes, remember that on Celebrity Xpedition there is no need for formal attire.
  • We recommend comfortable shirts, pants, skirts, or dresses, along with a sweater or light jacket.

Essential Travel Documentation

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  • Passport—a valid passport is required for travel in nearly all circum­stances, and Celebrity Cruises recommends that you always travel with one in order to make sure your vacation experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. When traveling on Celebrity Xpedition, Ecuadorian law requires that your passport be valid for at least six months. Also, please be sure to check the visa requirements for each country on your itinerary. For more passport information, visit CelebrityCruises.com.
  • Cruise and cruise tour documents—you’ll need these to board your ship.
  • Guest embarkation forms—these can be filled out online at CelebrityCruises.com/onlinecheckin and must be shown prior to boarding.