What We Do

Social Activities:

First and foremost, the CFI Community of Daytona Beach provides support, events, and activities for the nonreligious community in our area.

Educational Outreach:

We strive to promote reason, fact-based analysis, ethical alternatives to religion, and discussion of social or public policy issues. Discussion groups within our community, formal public events, and networking with audiences outside of our community are just a few of the ways we achieve these goals.

Activism & Collaboration:

Many of our community members are active in promoting and defending the secular humanist outlook. We also gladly collaborate with anyone who promotes and defends reason, democracy, and freedom of inquiry in Daytona Beach.



in Daytona Beach since April 1995

A non-12 step program
Solutions to addictions based on: science, reason, free inquiry.


SOS takes a self-empowerment approach to recovery and maintains that overcoming abuse or dependency is a separate issue from all else.

SOS credit’s the individual for achieving and maintaining his or her own recovery. Everyone is unique!

SOS respects recovery in any form, regardless of the path by which it is achieved. It is not opposed to or in competition with any other recovery programs. Ultimately, we are all allies working toward a common goal.

SOS supports healthy skepticism and encourages the use of the scientific method to understand abuse or dependence on alcohol and other addictive substances.

SOS has no religious or spiritual content - that’s your business not ours.

SOS Groups

SOS is a nonprofit network of autonomous, nonprofessional local groups dedicated solely to helping individuals permanently overcome abuse of or dependence on alcohol, drugs or other addictive substances.


  • City Island Library: Go East on I-92 (International Speedway Blvd.) to Route 1 (Ridgewood Ave.), then South on Rte 1 one block and then East on Magnolia to a dead end - the library is on the left.
    3 to 4 PM on Sundays (unless the library is closed) - Usually in the Board Room
    Call weekly: 386-671-1921 No message will indicate that there has been no change in the schedule.
  • Volusia County Correctional Facility (since 2003):
    Thursdays from 7 to 8 PM for inmates only.
  • Coping with Pain Support Group:
    Scheduled as requested.

Tampa: Call 813-849-7571

Email: DaytonaSOS@aol.com

Write to us:

CFI/SOS in Daytona Beach
PO Box 1824, Ormond Beach, FL

Donations payable to CFI/SOS can be mailed to our PO Box.

Suggested Guidelines for Recovery:

To break the cycle of denial and achieve recovery, we first acknowledge that we are addicted.

We reaffirm this truth daily and accept without reservation the fact that, as recovered individuals, we cannot and do not drink or use no matter what. It may not be easy!

We make an irrevocable pledge to ourselves to maintain recovery forever.

It’s always a dangerous and complicated world. We need maximum intelligence and awareness at all times. Mind altering drugs of any kind endanger us - and others.

We share in confidence with each other our thoughts about our unique solutions to our abuse problem as recovered individuals.

Sobriety is our Priority, and we are each responsible for our lives and our sobriety.

MAKE A PLAN: Write it down. Talk about it with the same enthusiasm we once had for using. Visualize the new life free of the problems of addiction. Getting addicted was not a rational choice, so it may help to get a bit emotional about the solution.

MEETINGS: Meetings are for anyone interested in recovery from tobacco, food, alcohol, drugs, or other addictions. We encourage “cross talk.” They are OPEN to anyone with an interest in addictions of any kind. Meetings are optional, and they should not be used as an excuse to delay permanent recovery. Please be sober and straight at the meetings.

GO ON LINE: To the very best on line resource that we know about: SMART Recovery


The Truth About Addiction and Recovery (Simon & Schuster, 1991)by Stanton Peele, Ph.D., and Archie Brodsky (Dewey 616.85227)

Escape from Nicotine Country (Prometheus Books, 1999) (www.prometheusbooks.com) By James Christopher (Dewey 613.85)

Rational Recovery: The New Cure for Substance Addiction (Pocket Books, 1996) by Jack Trimpey (Dewey 362.2928)

Taming the Feast Beast (Delacorte Press, 1994) by Jack and Lois Trimpey (Dewey 616.8526)

The Craving Brain: A bold now approach to breaking free from drug addiction, overeating, alcoholism, gambling (Quill, 2003) by Ronald A Ruden, M.D., Ph.D. (Dewey 616.86)

How to Stubbornly Refuse to feel Miserable About anything. Yes, Anything By Albert Ellis, Ph.D. & Robert Harper, Ph.D. (Lyle Stuart, 1990) (Dewey 152.46)

The above are available, or can be purchased, at most bookstores or on line, and they are in the county library.


Volusia County Adult Drug Court now authorizes attendance at Support Groups such as AA/NA/ SOS/and Smart Recovery.


The U.S. 9th Circuit Court has ruled that ANY “coercive authority” who orders a person to attend a self-help group MUST give that ordered person a CHOICE between 12-step (religious) and a non-12-step (secular) self help groups, or that person may SUE the authority.