CFI-DC Kicks Off Annual Tabling Outreach

June 10, 2009

One of our priorities at CFI is community outreach and one of the easiest and most effective ways we've found for it is our tabling events. It's the simple exercise of setting up an information table at one of the area's busy open air markets and standing by to engage passers by, answer their questions, and hand out our literature.

Last year, we tabled only four times: twice at Eastern Market and once each at the Foggy Bottom Block Party and the H Street Farmers' Market. Those few outings generated a flurry of new visitors to our Pennsylvania Avenue headquarters. In fact, the only downside to tabling has been the tabling volunteers. We don't have enough of them.

This year we have planned a full tabling program. We're slated to appear at Eastern Market on the third Sunday of June, August, and September, and on the fourth Sunday in July. We're also booked for our third year at the Foggy Bottom Block Party, this year on 18 October. The potential for promoting science, reason, and secular values in our community is huge, but with only four or five regular volunteers, the days can get rather long. That's where we need your support!

If you volunteer for a shift, you can expect a steady stream of enquiries from people enjoying the market. Many have been curious about the Pennsylvania store front and are delighted to find out, at last, what we're all about. Flyers and information leaflets fly off the table and there are some sales of books and magazines. You'll find yourselves engaged positively with members of our community, getting the chance to make a difference.

If you want to learn more about tabling (especially if you want to volunteer for a shift or two), you can contact us at mhensley[at] And don't forget, if you're in Eastern Market or Foggy Bottom on one of our tabling days, swing by the table and thank the volunteers.