Congresswoman Diana DeGette - “Sex, Science, and Stem Cells: Inside the Right Wing Assault on Reason

March 13, 2009

Please join us for our Voices of Reason lecture series with Congresswoman Diana DeGette presenting her new book, "Sex, Science, and Stem Cells: Inside the Right Wing Assault on Reason."

Chief Deputy Whip Diana DeGette is serving her 7th term in Congress as the Representative for the First District of Colorado. As the Vice Chair of the powerful Committee on Energy and Commerce, an exclusive congressional committee with vast jurisdiction over health care, trade, business, technology and consumer protection, she is one of the leading voices in the health care debate in this country. As leap whip, she played a vital role in the reauthorization of the State Children's Health Insurance Program, has fought for tough food safety legislation, and was a key player in crafting a comprehensive consumer product safety bill.

U.S. Rep. DeGette is also the chief architect of legislation to expand stem cell research, which has been passed twice with broad, bipartisan support in Congress. The measure was vetoed twice by President George W. Bush - including his very first presidential veto. A life-long Coloradoan, U.S. Rep. DeGette is guided by traditional Western values. She's also the author of the landmark Colorado Wilderness Act, which would protect and preserve 1.6 million acres of pristine land across Colorado for generations to come. She has fought to enhance her constituents' access to affordable quality health care, expand mass transit, improve transportation in the Denver area, clean up environmental waste sites, and improve opportunities for small business.

Her book "Sex, Science, and Stem Cells: Inside the Right Wing Assault on Reason," was released nationally last August - just in time for the Democratic National Convention and as the general election heated up. Her book is an insider's expose on the Right Wing's politicization of sex, science and reproductive health. It explores the persistent, ill-conceived, and ultimately even dangerous influence conservatives wield over some of the country's highest-ranking officials over any policy relating to sex and science, including former President Bush.

U.S. Rep. DeGette's new book had significant relevance during the 2008 election. While Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama had committed to reversing President Bush's restrictive 2001 stem cell research policy, John McCain remained silent despite being on record in support of the Congresswoman's legislation and the Senate's subsequent veto overrides. John McCain's support for embryonic stem cell research was the good news - the bad news was he remains against all other forms of public policy based on sound science ranging from birth control for federal employees to funding for medically accurate pregnancy prevention programs to funding for international family planning programs.

U.S. Rep. DeGette's work led to President Obama's Executive Order on March 9, 2009, reversing Former President Bush's ban on embryonic-stem-cell research. DeGette is featured prominently in photos of Obama signing this Executive Order.

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