Help Build the DC Humanist Library

January 8, 2008


          Calling all good books!     The Center for Inquiry/DC is hoping to establish a library of books that will interest freethinkers and humanists.   We need donations of books on subjects such as:   Ø      The philosophy of humanism Ø      Classics of humanism (e.g. Thomas Paine) Ø      The history of free thought Ø      Science for non-scientists Ø      Political thought and political history Ø      Any other subjects that interest humanists.   We aren’t asking you to clear out your bookshelves—we have no capacity for sorting out loads of used books.   We are asking for duplicate copies of good books; or for books that you have read and think others should read; or for books that you think a humanist library should have and that you are willing to buy and donate.     We’ll catalog the library and make the books available for reading in the Center. We have comfortable chairs and a sofa for extended reading. We hope that the Center will become a meeting place for ideas and people.   Please contact me at to make sure someone is here to greet you when you bring books.   Thanks!   Elizabeth Daerr Executive Director