New Executive Director at the Center for Inquiry DC

August 13, 2008

The Center for Inquiry is very pleased to announce Anna Holster as the new Executive Director of the DC branch.

Ms. Holster hopes to build upon the outreach and understanding already being developed through CFI and is thoroughly committed to the success of the organization, both locally and nationally. She has had a longstanding commitment to secular humanist values, social justice and human rights.

Ms. Holster is a PhD Candidate in Public Policy at George Washington University with a concentration in Race, Ethnicity, and Public Policy. She also possesses a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Pennsylvania with a Policy & Research focus, where she was the 2006 recipient of the Black Men at Penn Combating American Racism Award. She received her Bachelor of Science in Education and Social Policy degree from Northwestern University with undergraduate leadership honors.

Ms. Holster most recently worked as a Public Policy Analyst for DC Action for Children. Her previous experience includes positions at Philadelphia Safe & Sound; the Southeastern Pennsylvania Office of Children, Youth, and Families; the University of Pennsylvania Medical School; the University of Pennsylvania School of Design; and the Child and Family Services agencies in both Chicago and Philadelphia.

Ms. Holster's ongoing and completed research projects include studies of the tribal court model; religious discrimination against Native American inmates; Census undercounting and congressional malapportionment; political motivation in the creation of the War on Drugs campaign; reentry services for juvenile offenders; youth aging out of foster care in the District of Columbia; anti-death penalty advocacy; medical effects of exposure to Perfluooctanoic Acid; and spatial and residential trends in the Seventh Ward of Philadelphia.

Ms. Holster has been active in the Institute on American Racism; Northwestern University Conference on Human Rights; Generation MIX; Women of Color at Penn Day; Campus Coalition Against Trafficking; and as a conflict resolution mentor.