Promethean November 2007

November 19, 2007

This season, Barnes & Noble is displaying God: The Failed Hypothesis bestselling books on a new holiday table themed "Thought-Provoking Titles." The New York Times bestseller God: The Failed Hypothesis   is featured in this chain-wide in-store promotion and can also be purchased through the many options on: .

Praise for God :

"Logically structured, meticulously argued and readable, this book is a unique and powerful critique of the existence of the omnipotent, omnipresent and omnibenevolent Judeo-Christian-Islamic God. Relying on converging evidence from physics, astronomy, philosophy and biology, Stenger has written a masterful argument in support of reason."

-- Living the Scientific Life (A SEED ScienceBlog )

"...accessible and compelling...Stenger makes a comprehensive and almost overwhelmingly powerful case that if the sort of God most Jews, Christians, and Muslims believe in existed, the resulting physical consequences would be easily measurable by modern science...a tour de force...highly recommended."

-- Free Inquiry

For Those Spending Thanksgiving with a Relative That Has Always Seemed A Bit..."Off" :

Prompted by clues in her sister's diary after her mysterious death, bioengineer Barbara Oakley takes the reader inside the heads of the kinds of malevolent people you know, perhaps all too well, but could never understand. The result is what Steven Pinker, Johnstone Professor at Harvard University, calls, " a fascinating scientific and personal exploration of the roots of evil, filled with human insight and telling detail."

"...From dictators to conniving sisters, Machiavellians come in many shapes and sizes. Now we have some insight into what makes them tick."

-- Psychology Today

For Those Interested in Current Events:

Energy Victory                 Energy Victory

"In forcefully making the case for reducing US dependence on oil, Zubrin argues provocatively for a bio-fuel based approach, suggesting benefits for international development that should command the attention of advocates, academics, and policy-makers."

--Louis Putterman, Professor of Economics, Brown University

"To win the war on terror, we need to remove the yoke of our oil dependence and cut the flow of petrodollars to regimes that spread radical Islam. Energy Victory is a bold, yet realistic plan to do just that. It is a vitally important book about the most critical issue we face today."

--Dr. Gal Luft, Executive Director, Institute for the Analysis of Global Security

"A sobering, honest look at what is really going on in a country where civilians are kidnapped, duct taped into vehicles and sent on remote controlled suicide missions by terrorists...Free of political party spin, this is the real deal and should be a 'must read' by policy makers and average Americans alike."

-- Monsters and

For the Biography Lover:

"His devilishly complex cosmological theories are handled engagingly in accessible language for the lay reader...[T]his is a touching portrait that will grace any bookshelf."

--Astronomy Now

"[A] straightforward, incisive, and clear story of Lee the man and the general...a powerful, highly quotable narrative that is a solid analysis of a Virginian who never waivered either in his devotion to duty or his love of his birthright."

-- The Journal of Military History

Lincoln                  Lincoln

"...[A] thorough examination of Abraham Lincoln's ideology...This volume will appeal as much to Civil War history buffs as to those who simply admire Lincoln as a singular leader and thinker."

-- Publishers Weekly

An examination of one of history's great mathematicians that "is balanced and compelling...written in a scholarly yet accessible style that makes it easy reading for mathematicians and lay readers alike."

-- Journal for Research in Mathematics Education

"...A vivid account of Socrates's life and ideas...The carefully documented research provides a valuable resource for those interested in the man and his ideas."

-- School Library Journal

For the Science Fiction and Fantasy Reader:

From Pyr - An Imprint of Prometheus Books

"...A heroic fantasy without conventional heroes. It's clearly the characters that take center stage here. Their dialogue is full of cynicism and wit, their lives full of intrigue, battles and magic."

-- Romantic Times magazine, 4.5 Stars

"...If you like fantasy but are tired of the same-old routines, enjoy a healthy dose of black humor, are not afraid of a little over-the-top violence and foul language, and appreciate the writings of Glen Cook, Scott Lynch and Steven Erikson, then Joe Abercrombie's The Blade Itself is tailor-made for you."

-- Fantasy Book Critic

"McDonald takes on frenetic, vast, fascinating Brazil in this epic interweaving three time-strands... Brasyl is a magnificent place, and the motivations and possible results of the battle over the multitude of quantum universes it posits are chilling and wonderful."

-- Booklist Starred Review

"A feast of fine prose, an able political novel, and an intriguing experiment in cross-temporal storytelling and implication...without doubt one of the major SF books of 2007."

-- Locus

"...the most rewarding science fiction in recent memory."

-- USA Today

"...A bold, brave look at India on the eve of its centennial, 41 years from now...from India's darkest depths to its most opulent heights, from rioting mobs and the devastated poor to high-level politicians and lavish parties... River of Gods is a major achievement from a writer who is becoming one of the best sf novelists of our time."

-- Washington Post

Quantum Gravity Series:

Follows hero Lila Black on her adventures through multiple realms after the universe was torn apart by the Quantum Bomb of 2015

"...A rock 'n' roll saga including elves, magic, and cyborgs...Robson creates fascinating characters and worlds for them to inhabit, meanwhile sacrificing none of her other strengths and not once succumbing to the easy genre cliches, at least not without keen irony."

-- Booklist

"Provocative melding of fantasy and science fiction...[Robson's] freewheeling language instills the plot with an unpredictablity...limitless creativity and enthusiasm..."

-- SciFi Now Magazine

Cassandra Kresnov Series:

Enjoy the action-packed adventures of Cassandra Kresnov, an android created by the League, one side of an interstellar war against the more powerful Federation.

"A fast-paced story of intrigue and adventure set against galactic politics...This title belongs in most sf collections."

-- Publishers Weekly

"Beneath the glitz of snazzy weaponry, unstoppable heroes and byzantine political machinations is a very real struggle about the nature of humanity and trust."

-- Publishers Weekly

"There is an awful lot to love about these books...Buy [Cassandra Kresnov novels] for the hot action, but read [them] for the characters."

For the Math Aficionado:

"I couldn't imagine a more lucid introduction to these fabulous Fibonacci numbers. This book provides evidence of the beauty of mathematics through this amazing phenomenon that seems to permeate just about everything...Read the book and you will find a new opportunity, and a surprise for some folks, to love the world of the mathematicians!"

--Charlotte K. Frank, Ph.D., Sr. Vice President- Research and Development, McGraw-Hill Education

"Anyone who has ever wondered why an hour is divided into 60 minutes has much to learn from Rudman, student of the ancient mathematicians of the Babylonians, Egyptians, and Mayans. [He] discerns the fascinating history of how numbers evolved beyond the finger- and stone-counting of hunter-gatherer societies...Even readers casually interested in mathematics will enjoy traveling the road that leads to Pythagoras."

-- Booklist

For the History Buff:

"The general reader should rejoice that Dr. Seymour Schwartz has happily combined a personal and genial account of his investigations into the earliest maps of America with the detailed story of how the amazing Waldseemuller map from 1507 was invented, printed, lost, rediscovered and finally bought by the US Library of Congress. Dr. Schwartz draws us into his tale with his infectious enthusiam and well-informed connoisseurship."

--H.C. Erik Midelfort, Professor of History, University of Virginia

A compelling study of the moral principles that most influenced Abraham Lincoln. Historian Allen Jayne argues persuasively that Lincoln regarded the Declaration of Independence, above all other documents, as the most important embodiment of American principles. This insightful look into the thinking of one of America's greatest presidents during a time of crisis is highly relevant to today's climate of religious extremism and debates over the balance between individual liberty and national security.

Robert E. Lee  
Robert E. Lee
In this in-depth examination of the career of General Lee, noted historian Brian Holden Reid looks beyond the legend to arrive at an objective assessment of the man and his military career. He argues that Lee's qualities as a general do not require any exaggeration or embellishment. Marked by clarity of style and filled with fascinating historical details, this new reconsideration of a legendary southern general will be a welcome addition to the bookshelves of Civil War enthusiasts as well as students and scholars of American history and military history.

"This book has it all--sex, money, infidelity, war, poetry, the famous and the infamous, politics, hypocrisy. What a read!...Although there are plenty of laughs, this is a serious history, and one that was hard to put down. I no idea the condom had such a l