Save the Date Announcements - Summer Solstice Picnic, Civic Days, & Anniversary

May 1, 2009

July 18 - 21:

The Office of Public Policy and CFI-DC will be hosting Civic Days July 18 - 21.  We are expecting patrons from around the country to experience speakers, excursions, and experience lobbying firsthand.  Please contact Toni Van Pelt at 202-546-2330 or to register and stay tuned for more information.

June/July Date TBA:

The Center for Inquiry, DC will be hosting its Third Annual Summer Solstice Picnic.  A date in June or July will be announced shortly and we hope to see you there!

November 6 & 7: 

CFI-DC and the Office of Public Policy will be celebrating their Third Anniversary on November 6 and 7.  Please save the date on your calendar.  The event will include an evening reception at the home of one of our generous donors with special guests and an afternoon of speakers featuring CFI Founder Paul Kurtz and Historian & Philosopher Jennifer Michael Hecht.  Other speakers and features to be announced soon.  Be sure to save this date on your calendar and we hope to see you there!