Support Science Debate 2008!

February 15, 2008

Join the nonpartisan movement calling for a presidential debate on science, Sciencebebate2008.

Leading universities, industry associations, prize-winning scientists and other organizations, together with thousands of concerned citizens, are asking the 2008 presidential candidates to state their positions on some of the most important issues in our society.  

The next president of the United States will face unprecedented scientific and technological policy challenges and opportunities. Three of these topics poll at the top of voter concerns: the economy and economic competitiveness; healthcare; and the environment. Candidates should have ideas about what kinds of policies will best address these issues, and should inform the voters of their views. 

The goal of Sciencedebate2008 is to find out how aware candidates are of America's major scientific and technological problems and opportunities, and how they propose to offer the kind of visionary leadership and policy solutions that will tackle those challenges. We must ensure America's place as the most scientifically and technologically advanced nation on earth.

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