Institute Catalogue

The Center for Inquiry Institute was founded in 1991 for the specific purpose of creating learning opportunities for women and men of all ages in the form of short courses, lecture series, conferences, and seminar programs.  The pre-eminence of CFI in humanist education is reinforced by the scholars who volunteer their time and service to the educational needs of students.

Intensive courses at Amherst and off campus have been taught by a distinguished body of resident and non-resident fellows, including Paul Kurtz, Keith Parsons, Antony Flew, Daniel Dennett, Kai Nielsen, Gerd Lüdemann, Michael Martin, Valerii Kuvakin, Susan Blackmore, Richard Dawkins, Ibn Warraq, Richard Hull, Barry Beyerstein, James Alcock, Joyce Salisbury, R. Joseph Hoffmann, John Shook, Austin Dacey, and David Koepsell.  Courses and seminars are augmented by a variety of special lectures known for their intellectual rigor and the promotion of humanist values.

With the support of its non-resident and resident fellows-scientists, educators, artists, and writers-CFI represents the most accomplished body of scholar-educators in the field of humanist studies in the world.