Required Courses

Below are the courses required to complete this 33 credit hour master of education degree program. Each course is three credit hours except for LAI 700/701. In this course, students may register for up to six credit hours.

  • LAI 505 Scientific Writing
  • LAI 528 Seminar in Informal Science Education
  • LAI 531 Science Curricula: Current Approaches* (a special session focusing on the nature and characteristics of scientific literacy)
  • LAI 534 Measurement and Evaluation of Science Instruction (a special session focusing on the program evaluation of informal science education)
  • LAI 598 Critical Thinking
  • LAI 639 History and Philosophy of Science*
  • LAI 688 Science, Technology and Human Values*
  • PHI 640 Research Ethics*
  • CEP 500 Fundamentals of Educational Research
  • CEP 532 Introduction to Statistical Research
  • LAI 700/701 Project or Thesis (the program's capstone project)

* Students only interested in receiving a Certificate in Science and the Public, issued by the Center for Inquiry, need only complete the following courses: LAI 531, LAI 639, LAI 688, and PHI 640.