MI Christian college launches evangelist “Skeptic’s Bible Study” after atheist club fails (2 articles)
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Skeptic’s Bible Study counters Atheist Club

By Emmaline Epperson
Thursday, March 17, 2011

Formed in response to the “Galloway Atheist Club” some students attempted to start last semester, the newly formed Skeptic’s Bible Study seeks to provide an outlet to better understand the Christian faith. 
Getting directly to the point, [Pastor Everett] Henes began with the question, “Why do I believe in the presence of God?” From this initial question ensued questions from many of the students. . . .
Henes serves as the pastor of the Hillsdale Orthodox Presbyterian Church. The purpose for the study, he said, is to “give non-believing students a format where they could ask difficult questions about Christ.”
Henes said the Bible study is not just for non-believers, as he believes that this study will also help Christians became stronger in their faith. . . .

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Freshmen attempt atheist club, religious inquiry

By Liz Essley
Thursday, October 14, 2010

In Galloway Hall, a conversation is starting, and it’s not about politics, classes or women. It is instead about a question: Does science make God unnecessary?
Seven freshmen — five of them Galloway residents — have united to form a friendship and, they hope, a club. The Galloway Atheists’ Club, as it is called while the founders decide on an official name (the latest possibility is the Club for Religious Alternatives), still lacks Student Federation approval and a faculty adviser, but its members hope to get both soon. . . .
Club members wonder if official approval will be difficult, worried that Student Federation representatives may see the club as opposed to the Judeo-Christian values Hillsdale upholds in its mission statement.
The club has already met with opposition on campus. . . .
Most of the group’s conversations so far circle around the issue of science and religion. . . .