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Is Libya no-fly zone an example of a “Just War?”
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Now Libya needs to empower the moderates.  These are the unifiers, these are the people who can say that no THEY are not different than US, THEY deep down are the same, they are one of US, we all have goodness in US, and we all deserve our rights, and OUR children are innocent and deserve protection by the government, and education, and the right to pursue their happiness.  The Libyans need to delete the word THEY that divides them, and unite as one country of US devoted towards the rights of the people, and spreading the wealth of their oil to empower the people to create the good works of civilization.  At least that’s my opinion.  smile

The rebels aren’t adhering to Islamic traditions, they’re using Gadaffi’s corpse as a shrine, and saying that they don’t want his grave to become a shrine.  rolleyes  Let the mourners morn him, bury him in his home town.


bicycles: less mass, no fuel, lower speed, more beautiful, more quiet, lower cost, less wear-and-tear on the roads, more social because you can talk to people beside you, low-impact heart healthy exercise, easy parking… they are not perfect, but are they better than cars?.

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