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The Second Annual Undergraduate Theology Conference
at Saint Louis University will be held November 10th-12th this year.

The focus this year is ¤Relationships, Sex, Marriage, & FamilyË.

It will be a very cheap conference to attend… There is no fee for entrance and lodging is provided for those who pre-register early enough.

I would encourage everyone who is able, to attend this convention. Here is the website where you can register for the convention….

On a side note, I will actually be presenting a 15 minute presentation on the effect that strict religious sexual teachings have on children later on in life.

Essentially, I fell that there is an extreme sexual dichotomy forming amongst the teens in this country; those who are rebellious and those who are submissive. Those who are excessively rebellious of the church╠s sexual teachings are becoming this way because they feel overly controlled by the church╠s teachings, which they view as too restrictive. At the same time, many of those who are overly submissive to the teachings of the church get to the point that they become wholly afraid of sex and their sexuality.  It is also evident from psychological studies and social experiments, that people who are taught as a child to view sex as dirty or a thing which isn╠t supposed to be enjoyed can lead to greater problems as an adult. These problems include, but are not limited to, such things as sexual impotence, frigidness, sexual disorders, and desire disorders later on in life.

Let me know if you can go to the conference, because the 5 of us that are going from my college will be some of the only non-christians there and we’d like some support.


- Sean


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Your presentation sounds very interesting, and I wish you luck. I’m a student at Washington State University so there’s no way I will be able to attend, but I would love to. Is your audience going to be made up of a lot of theologians, a lot of skeptics, or a mix of both?

If you have a good portion of the religious right in the crowd, I wish you the best of luck. After the conference, you should come back to this forum and tell us how it went.

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Sounds very interesting. I wish you the best of luck.


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